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Farnham Hair Salon


Nicky McKenzie Hair | Farnham Hairdresser


Hi I'm Nicky McKenzie, owner of a Farnham Home Hair Salon and thanks for visiting. Having qualified as a Hairdresser 30 years ago, I've had a varied career, working in salons, as cabin crew and HR. Like many, children steered a career change, going back to my roots in Hairdressing where I have successfully established a premium hair service for the last 11 years around Farnham. I pride myself in offering a luxury service using the very best hair products in a beautifully designed garden salon where clients can relax, enjoy the stylish interiors and exclusive one-to-one service where you'll get my full attention and are not rushed out the door.

I'm fortunate to work with Wella as part of their team helping launch brand new products, services, providing content to 1000's of other hair stylists in the Wella Community. As a Wella Colour Specialist, I am utterly passionate about colour, tonality, dimension and shine. Do check out my portfolio of work and transformations on Instagram and Facebook.


More recently over the last few years, I have specialised in Dry Curly Cutting (known as the curly girl cut). I've been overwhelmed with the demand for this service including curly girl education and in this process have strived to learn as much as I can about Curly Hair. I am an Official Stockist for Boucleme products and have a vast portfolio of curly-hair clients.

With this in mind, the lead time for an appointment is 4-6 weeks but I always run a cancellation list. Hope to hear from you soon!





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