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Wella Colour Fresh Masks

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

It's way more than a conditioning mask (and your kids can use them, if you are willing to share!)

Wella have recently launched a phenomenal new product range where conditioning mask meets home colour care. Wella Fresh Colour Masks are super conditioning colour depositing masks, which refresh your salon colour or transform your hair colour with zero damage to your hair. There is a shade for everyone whether you are dark brown, copper, through to the brightest of blondes. (Told you they are phenomenal!)

The masks are silicone free with no animal derived ingredients. There are six colours to choose from, designed to either neutralize and reduce brassy tones or boost a faded colour. The four fashion colours Mint, Red, Pink and Blue are just to have pure darn fun! The end result will depend on how light or dark your own hair is to start with. It's worth mentioning they deposit colour only and using a mask to darken down the rest of your hair is the best strategy to tackle a dark root at the moment!

I've had the pleasure of using three different masks so far. (I'm working my way through them!) My blonde hair was looking quite brassy and I wanted to bring it down a shade to blend my darker regrowth so golden gloss was a great choice. After leaving for the full development time of 20 minutes (10 minutes for a more subtle result) my hair felt incredibly soft and looked rich and shiny with a beautiful golden tone.

Wanting something a bit more fun to cheer myself up through this third lockdown, I decided to give Rose Glaze a go and I loved the result! The masks smell amazing too as they are loaded with avocado oil and apricot kernel oil.

The last colour I used (this week!) was Blue for my Son, Billy. He loved the colour! The masks are designed to be used once a week (4 applications per tube depending on hair length and thickness) They wash out gradually with each wash, so you really can have a play around without worrying about damaging your hair or wondering if an expensive colour correction is the only way to remove the colour. (Perfect for kids returning to school whenever that may be!)

Visit my online store to purchase your Wella Fresh Mask. £15.70 [150mls] with free delivery offered in the Farnham area during lockdown. Click and Collect and UK posting also available.


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