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Returning to the Chair in July...

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

When can I get an appointment? Will you be working full-time? Are you able to offer mobile hairdressing? Can you cut my kids/husbands' hair?

These are all common questions I've been asked over the last week, so here's how the landscape looks right now....

At the time of writing, the Hair & Beauty industry is still awaiting Government guidance and whilst a 'guesstimate' and common sense approach of new measures is so far the best we have, other countries such as Germany and the U.S. have successfully introduced procedures to keep both client and hairstylist safe. This gives us a looking glass into what is working and how to implement new salon procedures.

Hairdressing must be offered in a sterlised environment (think hospital ward sterile). Offering a mobile service would practically be very difficult as each environment visited has to meet the same benchmark. My 'clean' and my husbands' 'clean' look very different and this sliding scale can be applied to the 70 different homes I currently visit. Its also unrealistic to ask people to sterilise rooms before my arrival when a home is just that and usually occupied by other people including kids and pets.

Nicky McKenzie Hair Farnham based Hairdresser
Trying out my PPE

For those reasons, I along with so many other mobile hairdressers are unpacking our car boots for good and setting up studios. Mine will be finished by mid August and I'll be using my newly decorated utility room in the transition period. Going forward, before and after each client, I'll be changing PPE and fully sterilising my work area and equipment, reducing the risk of infection and giving us all peace of mind.

My diary has been gathering dust (yes I'm an old school paper diary girl) because there hasn't been much point taking bookings until we know for sure of our industry return date; we are getting close. At the end of this week I'll be making contact with clients who had appointments booked and this will be in order of where I left off in March, with the exception of critcal key worker clients who get first appointments as an appreciation for all they've done. From the 20th June anyone who didn't have an appointment can book in.

A virtual consultation will take place before arranging appointments. Hair should be dry with good natural daylight and we'll discuss hair goals along with any lockdown hair confessions! No judgements will be made on my part, I coloured my own hair five times over lockdown (!) so fully understand and if colour corrections are required, appointment time will take longer alongside additional cost. If you've used a home dye (permanent, wash out or lightening spray), a tint and compatibility test must be done before your first service. Tint tests will be available all day on the 4th July.

I'll work as much as I can over a 6-day working week for a while, but please be patient. I have a 9-year old needing me for home learning as much as clients need me for hair. If I could split myself in two I would! Finally, I can't wait to get back to tending to tresses and catching up. Its never been a truer saying right now.... if your hair feels better, you feel better. Lets keep hopeful for returning to the chair on the 4th July. X

Appointments open from the 20th June for existing clients only. 01st September for new clients. E-mail enquries only:


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