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Choosing your wedding hair (and hairdresser) in 2021.

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Choosing your wedding hairstyle (and Hairdresser) is going to be high on the wedding agenda probably soon after choosing your dress. When I meet brides for the first time, they normally fall into one of two distinct camps: Brides who have an overall vision right from the beginning, and those who have brain ache from the hoards of Instagram and Pinterest images on offer. A good wedding hairdresser will help you decide on the right style, even if your mind (and heart) is set on a specific style. A wedding hair trial and consultation is where it all begins, giving you a chance to experiment. Your hairdresser may even suggest a style you haven’t considered before (I always like to throw in a red herring!) Here are some tips to help you make your choice.

The Dress

This is a great starting point. Does your frock have a vintage feel? Is your theme contemporary chic? Either way, keep the style in mind to ensure your hair compliments the dress and doesn’t have it own limelight moment for the wrong reasons! After all, you wouldn’t attend a 60s fancy dress wearing a 80s neon number, so why opt for a formal smooth up-do to accompany a Jenny Packham Boho style dress?

Your Hair

Social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are great resources for wedding hair inspiration, but behind those beautiful images are styles that can take up to 3 hours+ to re-create along with many hair extensions. Be realistic about what is achievable. What is your current hair type like? How does it usually behave? (Prone to frizz?) And how long do you want to be in the chair getting ready on your wedding morning? Your chosen style should also have longevity to see you through to the evening so avoid loose curls/half up, if your hair is known to drop quickly. Shorter hair will have limits if you favour a hair up but I have created some beautiful transformations using clip in hair extensions. My favourite supplier is Lush Hair Extensions and they offer a colour match service for a seamless blend.

Your Face Shape

An oval shape face is known to be ‘the perfect shape’ so for those of us not blessed with one, this is what we are aiming to re-create. Round shape faces are better suited to styles with height and those with a long shape face need width at cheekbones. Your hairdresser should create the right silhouette to accentuate your face shape to its best.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that choosing your hairdresser is as important as choosing your wedding hairstyle. A good wedding hairdresser will build rapport, put you at ease, and be calm, whilst working to time on your wedding morning. Be sure to check for recent work and testimonials and a video or phone chat will often give you a good steer as to whether the partnership will work. Good luck!

Nicky McKenzie is a Farnham Based Hairdresser specialising in colour, weddings and updos.

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