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Behind the Mask

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Despite the title, this blog isn't about PPE. Behind the Mask is a free online training resource for the hair and beauty industry, helping to spot the signs of domestic abuse and guide us how to respond in the best way.

I undertook this training, knowing that 1 in 4 women experience abuse from a partner or ex at some point in their life, and the chances are that one of my clients could be that one. I was shocked to hear that 2 women sadly die per week as a result of domestic abuse and during the Covid-19 Pandemic and lockdowns, this has alarmingly risen to 5 with the Office of National Statistics recording a huge increase in Domestic Violence backed up by Helplines seeing a big increase in women reaching out. Domestic abuse can take place in different forms, emotional, physical, sexual harassing, coercive or controlling behaviour.

People working in the Hair & Beauty Industry are great listeners. We love hearing your news; a job promotion, house move or child's latest achievements. We enthuse and celebrate, often as if it's our own news. Clients feel comfortable talking and confiding in us, unburdening themselves during their appointment, telling us things they might not even reveal to their closest friends or family. The Hair and Beauty Industry are in a unique position to spot the signs and reach out.

I won't lie, this course was difficult to undertake, knowing that the statistics represent real women who are often very frightened to report their abuser to the Police - No wonder its known as a 'hidden crime'. Sadly, the real number of domestic abuse victims is actually thought to be much higher. Whilst I am not a counsellor by any stretch, this course has given me the confidence to support my clients and signpost them to further help and resources available should they need it.

Behind the Mask is a free online training resource for the hair and beauty industry. Visit for more information.

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