The Mobile Hairdresser

April 15, 2014

Are you thinking about ditching the hair salon for a mobile service? If you’ve never had a mobile hairdresser before, the thought of inviting a stranger into your home to tend to your tresses can be quite daunting and may conjure up all kinds of thoughts; where will they work in your home? Should you provide any equipment yourself? Even where to find a mobile hairdresser in the first place! You may associate mobile hairdressers with ‘the lady who visited when we were 7 years old’ or is ‘lightning quick if you need a roller set’.


Rest assured mobile hairdressing or ‘freelance hairstylists’ as we like to be known has come along way over the years. Most freelancers often derive from the high street (Rush, Aveda, Headmasters) breaking free to earn a better salary than they may have drawn from a salon. Refresher training and online tutorials/forums ensure freelancers are ahead of the game with public liability insurance, Pinterest boards and business websites all featuring in their tool bag these days.


There are many positives to having your hair done at home. Aside from the obvious: not worrying about the car park ticket expiring, salon prices, or having to look at yourself under those halogen lights, there are also some hidden benefits. Stuck for time? Why not multi task having your roots done whilst completing your online grocery shop or finishing that work presentation. I’ve even been known to help a client pick out their holiday whilst weaving a full head of foils. No more childcare worries either when you can get the little darlings done at the same time. And who wants to ‘schlep’ down the high street with a fabulous up-do only to venture home for part two of getting ready.


So what should you look for when choosing a mobile hairdresser? A good starting point is to ask friends and family if they know of anyone. (Although some mobile hairdressers are kept secret for not wanting to share!) Reputation and word of mouth is a reassuring option. The Internet is another good method; be sure to do a bit of research first though. A good mobile hairdresser usually has a website and will publish images of their work, backed up with recent client testimonials. Social networking sites are also a good place to search, alongside Tweets and Status Updates; Pinterest Boards allows you to interpret the style of a mobile hairdresser.


Whilst mobile hairdressing offers flexible appointment times, established hairdressers are often fully booked up to two weeks in advance (and beyond, at key times of the year), so plan ahead. Once you’ve confirmed an appointment, it’s a great idea to collect some images of hairstyles you like. I often arrive at new clients’ homes only to view an array of photo albums! But seriously, the more information, the better the hair service. If you’re having a colour, your mobile hairdresser should visit at least 48 hours before, armed with colour charts and a skin test patch kit. It’s really important to have this test even as a regular colour client, as there are many market brands with different ingredients.


Finally if you’re still not sure, why not just book a blow dry? This is a great chance to try out your new hairdresser’s skill and get to know them. It also gives you a flavour for having your hair done at home… in your slippers…or not! That’s the beauty of home hairdressing… It’s your choice!


Written by Nicky McKenzie - A Mobile Hairdresser working in and around Farnham, Surrey.

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