I'd like the "chop it all off, I'm a new mum" haircut please!

October 1, 2013

Recently I’ve visited lots of new mums requiring ‘the chop’, translation ~ I can’t deal with it; it WAS great for 9 months: what happened? Give me something easy, quick and away from potential posseting! Initially this may seem like a sensible, low maintenance option but it isn’t always the right one. A sassy bob requires drying time and irons, a pixie crop needs maintaining every 5 weeks (good excuse for some ‘me’ time though!) It got me thinking ‘what do new mums really need after baby arrives?’ aside from one decent nights’ sleep.


A few weeks in, after round the clock feeds and nappy changing, your hormone levels start to settle down, and changes in your hair take place. The thick luscious supermodel mane you’ve been sporting has disappeared leaving limp, greasy or very dry hair, which usually starts to fall out at an alarming rate (this can be delayed whilst breast-feeding). The lifespan of hair slows down during pregnancy and you can now enjoy nine months of hair loss over just a few weeks…No! I hear you cry. Hair can feel thin, lifeless and lucky you, now it’s about trying to style fine baby hair around your hairline.


Tempting as it is to ‘chop it all off’, there are less drastic options. Of-course the first step is to get a good cut (in hairdressers’ terms, that’s a couple of inches). Cutting hair stimulates hair growth and thickens up lack lustrous hair. Disguising fine baby hair with a light non-committal fringe, which can easily be grown out later on is also a good choice. Dry shampoo is an absolute essential for any new mum and should be on every baby equipment checklist. It gives your hair an extra day between washes; Freshening up hair, it creates volume and body, essential for styling. I love Tigi’s Rockaholic Dirty Secrets Dry Shampoo (300ml - £7.85).


Consider the ‘look’ you want to achieve. If hair is shoulder length or beyond, a simple ponytail or bun can look great, even with limited time to get ready. See my Pinterest New Mums Board for ponytail and bun styles.


When putting your hair up isn’t an option, try to go with nature and embrace what your hair wants to do. If you have naturally curly hair and have spent years trying to get that poker straight look, now might be a good time to ditch the GHDs (for a while anyway). There are some great products on the market for curly hair that will win the battle against frizz every time. Tending to curls is a whole new article but one crucial point to mention is as curly hair is dry (Sorry curlies, I know you know that) use the best conditioner you can afford. A top seller is Kinky Curly Knot Today (8oz, £12.95). After applying a good serum, let your hair dry naturally (low maintenance of course) or use a diffuser to gently dry your curls. Finish with Curls Milkshake (8oz, £11.95), which is perfect for transitioning curlies and softens hair getting rid of the crunch look.


Hair with a slight wave is bang on trend right now. Leave to dry naturally, then simply tip your head upside down and shake hair at the roots to loosen up and create volume. Finish with a defining product such as Tigi’s bed head mega whipped marshmallow texturizer -105.5 grams, £7.25 (yes it makes you hungry) to tease sections and strands.


Still not convinced? If you’re still thinking ‘chop it all off’, do spend time thinking about your current face shape; in a few months time it will change. Collect images of what you’d like (including any old favourite hair photos) find a Hair Stylist who takes time to discuss and understand your requirements and don’t be spontaneous…Finally make sure baby’s had a good feed and long walk in the buggy beforehand, so you can enjoy your well earned pamper session in peace!


If you have just had a baby, are experiencing ‘chop it all off’ symptoms and live in the Farnham area, give me a call and I'll be happy to come to the hair rescue in the comfort of your own home and a time to suit. Visit www.hairbynickymckenzie.co.uk for contact information and prices – A salon experience without the salon expense.

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